Campus Court: Ideally Located for Student Success

A Vibrant Neighborhood, Just Steps from WMU

In the Heart of Action – Campus and Culture at Your Doorstep

A Bustling Student-Focused Neighborhood

In the Heart of Action.
Campus and Community at Your Doorstep.

Campus Court at Knollwood is ideally situated to offer the best of student living. Nestled close to Western Michigan University, it provides easy access to educational institutions while immersing students in the vibrant urban and natural elements of Knollwood. This unique location ensures that students are always just moments away from both their academic commitments and diverse local attractions.

Your Gateway to Student Life and Learning

Experience the Convenience and Culture of Our Prime Location

Situated in the heart of Knollwood, Campus Court provides an unparalleled living experience for students. Our prime location offers swift access to Western Michigan University, positioning students at the crossroads of academic excellence and city excitement. Knollwood itself is a melting pot of cultural diversity and natural beauty, presenting a wealth of opportunities for leisure, study, and exploration.

From bustling cafes and shops to serene parks and green spaces, Knollwood seamlessly blends the energy of urban living with the calm of the natural world. Living here means being part of a vibrant community where every day brings new experiences and discoveries.


Step Into a World Where Campus and Community Unite

Nestled in a prime spot, Campus Court at Knollwood is a beacon for students seeking a harmonious blend of academic proximity and lifestyle enrichment.

Our location bridges the gap between rigorous study and vibrant city living, steps away from Western Michigan University. Our residents have easy access to educational institutions, cultural hotspots, and tranquil green spaces because of Kalamazoo’s urban charm and the serene beauty of the natural landscapes surrounding them. Here, you’re at the center of a thriving student community where every day is an opportunity to learn, explore, and grow.

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  • Restaurants
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  • Medical District
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WMU and Kalamazoo: A Perfect Blend for Students

Academic Excellence Meets Urban Exploration

Western Michigan University, set in the thriving city of Kalamazoo, offers students a diverse and enriching educational experience. The university’s dynamic campus life, combined with Kalamazoo’s rich cultural scene, provides students with numerous opportunities for academic growth, cultural exploration, and leisure activities. This unique blend ensures a vibrant and fulfilling student life.

WMU: Cultivating Minds, Energizing Community

Where Education Meets Innovation and Engagement

Western Michigan University is more than an educational institution; it’s a community hub that infuses energy and culture into Kalamazoo. Known for its excellent academic programs and a campus teeming with life, WMU offers a dynamic environment for learning and personal growth. The university’s role extends beyond academia, contributing significantly to the local community’s spirit and culture through various events, student organizations, and partnerships.

Diverse Academic Programs
Offering a wide range of courses and cutting-edge research opportunities.

Vibrant Campus Life
Home to numerous student organizations, cultural events, and social activities.

Community Engagement
Strong connections with the local community, fostering a sense of belonging.

Iconic Campus Landmarks
Notable architectural and historical sites that enhance the campus experience.

Kalamazoo: A Tapestry of Culture and Nature

Where Students Find Adventure and Community

Kalamazoo is a city that offers an exciting mix of urban adventure and natural beauty, creating an ideal environment for students. It’s a place where the energy of city life blends with the tranquility of natural surroundings, offering a diverse range of activities and experiences. From exploring local attractions and outdoor adventures to engaging in cultural events and embracing the close-knit community feel, Kalamazoo provides an enriching backdrop for student life.

Cultural Diversity
Rich in arts, music, and cultural festivals, offering a vibrant scene for students.

Outdoor Adventures
Abundant parks and natural areas for outdoor enthusiasts.

Urban Exploration
Bustling streets filled with unique shops, cafes, and entertainment venues.

Community Spirit
A welcoming atmosphere fostering community engagement and belonging.