Studio Simplicity at Campus Court

Compact Living, Maximized Comfort and Style

Embrace the streamlined living experience of our studio apartments at Campus Court at Knollwood.

These spaces are expertly designed for students who value efficiency, convenience, and modern aesthetics. Each studio apartment combines the essentials of student life within a compact, easy-to-manage space. Perfect for those who prefer a simplified lifestyle, our studios offer a cozy retreat that is both functional and stylish, providing everything you need to make your college experience comfortable and enjoyable.

Discover Our Efficient Studio Layouts

Explore the smart design of our studio apartments, each crafted to optimize living and study spaces within a compact layout. These units, ranging in size from 399 to 425 sq ft, are ideal for students looking for a space that’s easy to maintain yet full of character. Our studios are a testament to efficient living, offering well-defined areas for sleeping, studying, and relaxing, all while maintaining a sense of openness and airiness.


1 Bath | 425 sq ft
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1 Bath | 399 sq ft
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Studio Apartment Advantages

Compact, Convenient, Complete

Our studio apartments at Campus Court at Knollwood are thoughtfully designed to encompass everything a student needs. From comfortable sleeping areas to functional kitchenettes and living spaces, each studio is a model of efficiency. These apartments are perfect for students who enjoy having their own dedicated, personal space without the upkeep of a larger apartment.

Studio Highlights

Everything at Your Fingertips

Our studio apartments are the epitome of efficient and comfortable living. Each unit is designed with a focus on maximizing space and functionality. The living area is versatile, serving as both a study space and a relaxation zone, and features hardwood-style flooring for a touch of elegance. The kitchenettes are equipped with energy-efficient, stainless steel appliances, making meal prep easy and enjoyable. The sleeping area is cozy and inviting, providing a peaceful retreat for rest and rejuvenation. Additionally, high-speed WiFi and extended digital cable are included, ensuring you stay connected and entertained.

Apartment Highlights:

  • Efficiently designed living/study space for productivity and comfort.
  • Kitchenettes with stainless steel appliances for convenient cooking.
  • Cozy sleeping areas, ensuring restful nights.
  • Modern, functional bathrooms with contemporary fixtures.
  • High-speed WiFi and extended digital cable, a must for modern living.


Customized for Student Life.
Designed for Daily Comfort.

Campus Court at Knollwood’s apartments are carefully curated to suit the unique demands of student life. Merging practicality with a touch of modern elegance, our living spaces ensure that every moment of your college experience is both comfortable and convenient.


Private Bedrooms with En-suite Bathrooms

Our bedrooms are individual sanctuaries, each with a unique key for privacy. The en-suite bathrooms add to the convenience, ensuring a personal, secure space for relaxation and rejuvenation.


Gourmet Kitchens for Culinary Adventures

Step into our fully equipped kitchens, featuring energy-efficient stainless steel appliances. These spaces are perfectly designed for both quick meals and exploring your culinary skills.


Effortless Living with Modern Amenities

Simplify your daily routine with in-unit washers and dryers, coupled with intuitive Nest Smart Thermostats. These modern amenities are here to enhance your living experience, focusing on efficiency and comfort.


Room to Breathe: Large Common Areas and Walk-in Closets

Enjoy the luxury of space with large common areas, ideal for socializing, studying, or just unwinding. The spacious walk-in closets provide ample storage, keeping your living area neat and organized.


Flooring for Stylish Comfort

Experience the elegance and practicality of our hardwood-style flooring in common areas, matched with the warmth of carpeted bedrooms, creating a welcoming and comfortable living space.

Prime Location. Comprehensive Amenities.

Searching for the Unique?

At Campus Court at Knollwood, we are proud to offer an array of distinctive and spacious floor plans, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our student residents. Boasting a selection of studio, 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-bedroom apartments and townhomes, you’ll find the ideal living space that aligns perfectly with your individual lifestyle and preferences, as well as those of your friends and fellow students.


  • From 545 to 575 sq ft.
  • Spacious living area with 9-foot ceilings.
  • In-unit washer and dryer, hardwood-style flooring.
  • Energy-efficient appliances and Nest Smart Thermostats for a sustainable living experience.
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  • From 950 to 1150 sq ft.
  • Each unit features individually keyed bedrooms for privacy.
  • Includes a half-bath in select units for convenience.
  • Standard amenities like in-unit laundry, high-speed WiFi, and energy-efficient appliances.
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  • From 1330 to 1400 sq ft.
  • Spacious bedrooms with multiple bathrooms for comfort and privacy.
  • Ample communal space for studying, relaxing, and socializing.
  • Includes all standard amenities, ensuring a convenient and comfortable living experience.
View 3 Bedrooms


  • From 1450 to 1900 sq ft.
  • Ideal for a communal living experience with large bedrooms and private bathrooms.
  • Expansive living areas perfect for group activities and shared meals.
  • All apartments come with in-unit laundry, high-speed WiFi, and energy-efficient appliances.
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Your Ideal Locale

Step Into a World Where Campus and Community Unite

Nestled in a prime spot, Campus Court at Knollwood is a beacon for students seeking a harmonious blend of academic proximity and lifestyle enrichment.

Our location bridges the gap between rigorous study and vibrant city living, steps away from Western Michigan University. Our residents have easy access to educational institutions, cultural hotspots, and tranquil green spaces because of Kalamazoo’s urban charm and the serene beauty of the natural landscapes surrounding them. Here, you’re at the center of a thriving student community where every day is an opportunity to learn, explore, and grow.

  • Parks
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Medical District
  • Collegiate